Nouveau livre 2020: Seawater Intrusion into Coastal Aquifer and Climate Change

Apparition du nouveau livre de Mr Noureddine Gaaloul
Professeur de l’Enseignement supérieur Agricole en Sciences et Techniques de l’Eau
INRGREF – IRESA – Université de Carthage

Seawater Intrusion into Coastal Aquifer and Climate Change
Impact of the coronavirus (covid-19) on the environment and water resources
ISBN: 978-613-9-57238-0
Éditeur: ccateaux_eue
Auteur Pr. Noureddine Gaaloul

This book describes the general view of seawater intrusion and groundwater problems in coastal aquifer; the Concept of seawater intrusion and saline groundwater, the Seawater intrusion, groundwater and climate change, the Modeling seawater intrusion and groundwater flow pollution, the artificial recharges techniques and the Tunisia’s experience in artificial recharge and the Impact of the coronavirus (covid-19) on the environment and water resources.
This book is aimed at students, academics, engineers, researchers and managers who wish to develop an in-depth understanding of various topics relevant to sustainably managing coastal groundwater resources. It discusses a wide variety of topics, including mathematical models, hydrochemistry, groundwater discharge, coastal aquifer management, hydrology and of course climate change and sea level rise. It is assumed that the reader has a basic knowledge of groundwater hydrology. The book is a resource for researchers and engineers working on groundwater-related issues in coastal areas. It serves as an access point to the scientific literature, as it provides ample references to other works to help the reader find additional information.

The book’s is the name of the scientific specialization that deals with aquifer systems that are under the influence of the sea, and where variable density flow and tidal effects influence groundwater flow patterns

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